About Us

Owned and operated by Brooks Gee, Safe Air Solutions is “Family Owned Business” dedicated to providing quality service at a reasonable price while focusing on “Safety” and environmental responsibility.  We are based out of Verona, a small town just north of Kingston Ontario, but are able to service the whole Eastern Ontario region.

Having been in the HVAC field since 1992 and the Radon field since 2007 our owner, Brooks Gee, can adapt to whatever is required in each individual situation whether it be “big or small”, “residential or commercial”.  Brooks’ main experiences include fireplaces, furnaces, air conditioners, piping natural gas and propane, barbeques, ranges, dryers, hot water heaters, wood stoves and chimneys, radon testing and mitigations and much, much more.

Proud to be one of the founding members of “CARST” (Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists) Brooks is dedicated to spreading public awareness of the need for all buildings to be tested for Radon.   Brooks has been a “certified” measurement technician since 2008 and a “certified” mitigator since 2010 and has experience working on  residential, commercial, and government projects.   

A graduate with distinction of the “Biotechnology Technologist” program at St. Lawrence College, and with over 3 years experience in  environmental testing laboratories, Brooks’ experiences are an excellent combination of skills which can be applied to almost any situation involving indoor air quality issues.

Clients are always encouraged to ask questions.  They will be answered to best of our ability and if we cannot then we will find the answer.